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A.K. Automation is a leading personalized solutions provider specializing in design, sales, and manufacturing in the field of Industrial Automation, Control, and Instrumentation. Our comprehensive range of next-gen products and services caters to various industries across India.

Our offerings include Machine Control Panel Automation and Consultation, Printing Control Panel and Automation, Instrumentation Control Panels and Automation, Car Parking Electrical and Automation Consulting and Manufacturing, and Building Management System (BMS) Control Panels. Since our establishment in 2007, we have successfully developed numerous systems for industries such as Pharma, Escalator/Elevator, and Print, and have expertise in designing and developing PCBs for various sectors.

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A.K. Automation offers seamless specialty processes to its clients, including Casting, Powder Coating, Powder Metallurgy, Welding, and Machining. Their engineers utilize 3D modeling and 2D drafting tools like TEKLA and AUTO-CAD to create general arrangement and shop drawings. A.K. Automation prioritizes client privacy and security and ensures that strategic information and processes are protected. They do not sell, share, or distribute any client data without prior written consent, and client data security is of utmost importance to the company.


Total quality assurance is the foundation of our operations, ensuring high-quality, cost-effective parts and products meeting safety and functionality standards throughout every project stage. From R&D to design, production, sales, and delivery, we prioritize timely delivery to our customers.

Since 2021, A.K. Automation has been adhering to ISO 9001 standards, ensuring meticulous quality planning and execution throughout all production stages, leading to exceptional manufacturing results for customers. The company emphasizes continuous improvement and learning from mistakes to implement better approaches. With over 12 years of dedicated focus on quality, A.K. Automation constantly expands processes and capabilities, evident in its enduring partnerships with long-term customers, reflecting their commitment to maintaining high-quality standards at all levels.

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Our Enclosures & Product Quality are some of the strongest and most durable in the industry.


We ensure a competitive price by focusing on the newest technology and following our lean philosophy.


Our lead times are quicker than the competitors with a 2-3 week delivery programs.

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